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Test Format Description

O-step Immunoassay Test Kits
UMI’s lateral flow immunoassay system requires only the application of the test sample to obtain a test result. No additional instruments or equipment are required to carry out testing and each test is equipped with a built-in control indicator to validate test results. Test kits sealed in an aluminum pouch can be stored at 2-30℃ up to the printed expiration date. Test kits should always be kept away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

Mechanics Of The One Step Test
Tests employ a membrane matrix as the base, with test specific antigens and antibodies bound to the matrix at the test and control regions. Once the sample is applied to the test device, capillary action pulls the sample through the matrix of colloidal gold conjugate. The sample molecules will then be “tagged” with gold molecules. The tagged molecules will then travel to the test zone where a reactive sample will attach to the bound analyzer at the test region. This will result in a pink-colored line appearing the test region, indicating a test result. Any excess sample and colloidal gold solution will proceed to the control region, and produce a colored line there, indicating proper test function. An absorbent material at the end of the device will fully absorb the sample, leaving no residue in the test zone.  

One-Step Test Kits

Strip Format
This format is a dipstick style test designed for clinical and professional use. To use the strip format, simply immerse the end of the test strip into the sample specimen, and remove the strip. Results appear within minutes. The strip format is accurate, simple to use, and cost-effective.

Cassette Format
The cassette formats employs the same basic components as the strip test, but are housed in a protective plastic casing. This makes the format easier to handle and the device can be labeled to avoid confusion. To use the cassette format, simply add the sample specimen to the sample well of the cassette using the transfer pipette provided. Results appear within minutes in the test window of the device. The cassette format is easy to use and suitable for large volume laboratory and clinical purposes.

Midstream Format
The midstream format is most suited for home use. Midstream tests have the same components as the strip and cassette which are housed in a protective plastic casing. To use the midstream format, the patient simply applies a urine sample directly onto the absorbent tip of the device. The midstream format is easy to use and suitable for both professional and home use. This format is available for pregnancy, ovulation, and menopause testing.
  1. Sexually Transmitted Disease Tests
    One-step Anti-Syphilis Test One-step Gonorrhea Antigen Test

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  2. Cardiac Marker Tests
    One-step Troponin I Test One-step Myoglobin Test

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  3. Alcohol Tests
    One-step Alcohol Saliva Screening Test

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